Drive Rite Academy campaigns to reduce road accidents with up dated driving lessons

The Drive Rite Academy at Brooklyn has recently been lauded by the civilian agencies for its offer of innovative approach to driving. The Academy focuses on a wide range of knowledge and skills with the intention of curbing the number of accidents that happen every year in Brooklyn and the entire city.

The founders of the driving academy believes that by preparing the students on independent and responsible driving, a lot of accidents in the city can be averted. The proven methods have been known to be up to date with the most relevant issues and risk factors that face drivers today. The renowned brooklyn driving school has been lauded for the customized driving classes that is offered to each of its students. The approach is that no two students are the same. Hence, the focus has been on understanding each of the individual students first before the class is organized accordingly. This has been successful at helping even the slowest learners to catch up and pass their driving test at the appointed time.

Due to the diligence that the Brooklyn driving academy offers to its students, the recent times has indicated an increasing of the admittance of adult drivers. Statistics show that most of the senior adults have lost the sense to drive or even to learn how to drive. The instructors at the Academy has been lauded for succeeding even to help these “unteachable” students to learn how to drive in record breaking time.

It has further been recognized for catering to drivers of all the different backgrounds, skills and experience levels. Whether a student is a new driver or somebody in need of a little bit of refreshing, the Academy has been popular at catering to the lessons to fit the individual needs of each of the students. The goal has been to equip the individual students with the skills, self-awareness and confidence that is needed to continue on the road to safe driving. For more information please visit

About driveriteny

Drive Rite academy provides a new approach to driving which centers on a huge variety of skills and knowledge to prepare the students fully for independent driving. The academy also provides driving courses that are up to date and centers on pertinent problems and risk factors which a lot of drivers face nowadays. The academy also customizes the driving lessons to suit every student’s lifestyles, issues and personality.

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